Pinterest: “Collecting and Organising Things You Love”

I have chosen Pinterest as my technology! In a subject exploring the nature of convergence, due to the purpose of the website, I found Pinterest a suitable choice to study.

I have been a member of the website for some time now and absolutely love it! My favourite thing about Pinterest is that it has such a variety of content and sources that can take you on a unique path each time you visit the website.

Pinterest describes itself as, “a tool for collecting and organising things you love.”  To elaborate, I would describe Pinterest to be an online, virtual pin board (hence the name), for people to pin and share their finds from anywhere on the web. Pinterest allows people with similar interests to connect via common content. For those who have not heard of the website or would like more information, Megan Tietz has a great blog explaining the purpose of Pinterest and information on how to navigate the website.

In recent times, Pinterest has been utilised by companies, marketers and advertisers as a medium to connect with an audience with a multitude of interests. In David Benady’s article, How Marketers Use Pinterest and Instagram to Win Customers, he explains how “photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are at the forefront of a new wave of social networks which showcase beautiful images… Marketers are using the sites to drive ‘social shopping’ and inspire people to collect and share pictures of their favourite products.”

An issue that I anticipate for Pinterest is the “fad-like” nature that haunts social media websites. Interest in social media websites builds rapidly and can fade quickly. Pinterest will need to remain innovative to keep users interested.

In the coming weeks, I will be researching the website to further my own knowledge and to educate my readers, so watch this space!


About Pinterest:

Megan Tietz’s Blog:

David Benady’s Article from The Guardian:

Pinterest Logo:



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