Waking up with the Sunrise

Let me begin by saying, that I am not a morning person. But if my alarm doesn’t wake me up then, the grinding of the coffee machine and Kochie’s voice chimming from the living room usually does. Of late though, my morning routine of making my coffee and sitting mindlessly in front of the TV, with Sunrise on, as I try and wake up, has changed. Being a CMS student, I have been encouraged to not only watch the media but to analyse it. And this has gotten me thinking about the media that I engage with on a daily basis.

Sunrise, one of Australia’s leading breakfast shows, is broadcast and owned by the Seven Network. The Seven Network is currently owned by Seven West Media Limited. Seven West Media is “the leading, listed national multi-platform media business based in Australia” (Seven West Media). Seven West Media prides itself on the success of its branches:

We comprise Seven Television, the leading free to air capital city television network; Pacific Magazines, the country’s second largest magazine group by readership; Yahoo!7 one of the nation’s most successful internet platforms, as well as Western Australia’s leading newspaper, The West Australian and associated WA regional newspapers and radio stations.

I had always known the Seven Network owned the Sunrise breakfast show, but after a bit of investigating, I found it interesting to see the monopoly that the Seven Network is apart of. Who owns the media’s that we use, makes a big difference. I believe that whoever provides the funds, provides the voice. Seven West Media and the Seven Network would have a prominent voice over the governing of the television show but what I do enjoy about Sunrise is that it is a balance of new, opinion, and entertainment. The news and issues are presented in a way that allows for opinion and discussion, between presenters, guests and the viewers. For example, this Friday’s segment on Koshie’s Angels, there was a discussion on the new Snicker’s ad and the opinions of the public.

Seven West Media is a major monopoly in Australia’s media landscape. When further investigation is done, it is revealed that the media landscape of Australia is not as diverse as one might think, dominated by major players, with prominent voices.

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