Stream all the Videos!

With the highly-anticipated launch of the Australian Netflix fast approaching, I thought I would focus this week’s blog post on an article exploring the way in which Australian consumers access video content online. So, lets get started!

Source: I created this meme! Generated on imgflip Meme Generator

Source: I created this meme! Generated on imgflip Meme Generator

The evolution of technology has significantly changed Australia’s media landscape. The Internet is undeniably being utilised in all aspects of life, especially in entertainment. In an article presented by the Research and Analysis section, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has researched the impact that the Internet has had on the viewing patterns of Australian’s. The article, Supply & Demand: Catch-up TV leads to Australian’s online video use (2015), explores how online video content services are expanding in Australia to fulfil the needs of consumers, and how it is impacting their viewing habits. This article is available online on the ACMA website for those interested in the Australian media landscape or the increasing impact of the Internet. ACMA has conducted both primary and secondary research for this article. The article examines previously researched media trends, as well as incorporating primary research to analyse current media usage. The article adheres to formal language and is structured like a research report. The text is structured around charts, graphs and tables, visually representing the relevant information and statistics.

An example of graphs and values from the article

An example of graphs and values from ‘Supply & Demand: Catch-up TV leads to Australian’s online video use’  (2015).

Viewing habits have increasingly changed in the past few years due to the available technology. As consumers, our entertainment options have become more diverse. Many people, especially in my generation, rely on the Internet for our primary source of entertainment, from our social media to our viewing content. From the data presented in the article, 55% of 18-24 year-olds engage with any online video service, 12% use commercial Internet television services, 43% watch catch-up television online and 12% use video on-demand services.

Sourced directly from ACMA article

Sourced directly from ‘Supply & Demand: Catch-up TV leads to Australian’s online video use’ (2015).

This report makes conclusions such as that 8 million Australians had watched OVC in the six months leading up to June 2014, a 5% increase from May 2013. The majority of Australians using online video content do so because, as consumers, it gives them the power to access content, through a free service, at a time that is suited to them, and with the ability to skip ads… and watch as many episodes consecutively as they like.

This objective and well-research article, gives the reader (who is in this case me) an informed perspective on the changing media landscape. I believe that the convenience and choice allowed by watching TV content on the Internet, is why people are shifting from conventional TV methods, to watching their shows online. Because really, watching your shows online means that you can watch a whole season in one night.

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Reference List

ACMA (the Research and Analysis section) 2015, Supply & demand: catch-up TV leads Australia’ online use, ACMA, viewed 29/3/2015, <> .


2 thoughts on “Stream all the Videos!

  1. Great Blog. The convenience and audience choice of TV content online has certainly challenged conventional TV. However people are still preferring to watch sport, particularly big event sport such as the FIFA Football World Cup, on conventional television though sport on free-to-air television is under challenge from pay-TV services.

    • Thanks 🙂
      That’s an interesting perspective to bring up. When I was writing this post, I was thinking about the TV shows I watch online, both from Australia, and overseas. Most of these are comedy or dramas. But I guess that categories or genres of television shows impact the way we watch them – people don’t tend to watch sport on catch-up because they prefer to see it aired live, so as to not spoil the outcome of the game.

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