My Place in the Media Space

Hello friends! If you are new to my blog, then welcome, welcome. Come on in. I have been running this blog, off and on for about a year and half, to document my journey through the BCMS degree. If you want to scroll all the way back to March, 7 2014 (my very first attempt at formal blog writing) then you can read my introduction… Or I could just link it here. However, to reiterate, my name is Chelsea Tagg and I am currently a second year UOW student, studying a Double Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies and Commerce.

Until quite recently, I would have considered myself to be quite passive in the media space. My primary source of media is of the Social variety. I was a member of the Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest communities, but more often than not, I was an observer. I would post the odd photo, pin some pins, but really, I was there to observe, and to scroll.

Although I was passive, I was a teeny bit obsessive. My Macbook, iPhone and iPad (no, I’m not sponsored by Apple) are all extensions of my hands – extra limbs that are necessary for daily functioning. I feel like my social media use is engrained into my daily routine deeper than brushing my teeth – and I have very good oral hygiene.

Just last night, my boyfriend and I were watching TV. While watching TV, I had my Macbook next to me with Facebook going, my iPad in my lap and my iPhone in my hand. At one point, I was not only watching TV, but also watching TWO separate Youtube videos – one on my iPhone and one on my iPad. But let’s face it. This is not an anomaly. These devices, and their access to social media, are like the new security blanket for those of the twenty-first century.

Moral of the story – passive, but obsessive.

Recently, I started a Youtube channel, and this all changed. I went from being quite a private user in a public space, to deliberately utilising social media’s full capabilities. I have created all new social media accounts on Youtube, Gmail, Instagram, and Pinterest, all with public settings. I am now deliberately placing myself in the public media space across a number of mediums.

I now have the opportunity to interact and engage with people, essentially strangers, from all over the world who watch my videos or follow my Instagram account. And this all starts with me, sitting alone in my room talking to a camera. This concept absolutely amazes me. This notion of an invisible audience is what Youtube is based upon; people sitting in their rooms, often alone, talking to a camera. Although Youtubers cannot see who they are talking to, those audiences are there, and sometimes in tremendous numbers. Although I haven’t quite reached the success of Zoella or Jaclyn Hill… yet 😏… I know that each time one of my video’s goes live, it is reaching an audience. These people are in different countries, times, spaces but are all watching my video, and that’s pretty cool.

However, this can have it’s downsides. At times you are in fact talking to this audience, to real people, and not just the camera in your room. Today I received my first negative comment on one of my videos. A stranger had gone out of their way to deliberately insult me. This is the risk associated with participating in the public media space. The Internet is a big place with lots of opinionated people.

Aren't you glad that I didn't use the Taylor Swift meme.

Aren’t you glad that I didn’t use the Taylor Swift meme.

So, anyway, that is a little about me and my relationship (yes, a serious and committed relationship) with social media, and the media space in which I operate.

Lastly, I am just going to add in here a shameless plug – if you are interested, please check out my channel, Chelsea Belle, and my Instagram page.


One thought on “My Place in the Media Space

  1. Sorry to read this, but resist feeling bad about the stranger. “A stranger had gone out of their way to deliberately insult me. This is the risk associated with participating in the public media space. The Internet is a big place with lots of opinionated people.”

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