An Introduction to the Digital Research Project

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be undertaking a Digital Research Project, in which I will be required to “design, implement and evaluate a digital storytelling project”. I will be using my blog, as well as YouTube, to present a research-based creative project on media, audiences and places. In order to do this, I will be presenting relevant research in this area, collaborating with others, and exploring different mediums.

I have decided to make YouTube the focus of my Digital Research Project. Media practices and audience experiences are very spatial in nature, and I believe that YouTube can be used to demonstrate this. As an aspiring YouTuber, and loyal user, I am interested in researching and presenting the links between the YouTube platform and media, audiences, and places.

As a relatively new, and ever-evolving medium, YouTube is a different way to watch and share video content. YouTube is a portable medium – it’s content can be filmed, and watched, anywhere and at anytime. All that is needed to shoot video content is a camera. Smartphones have enabled anyone to film, upload, and watch content, almost instantaneously. These videos can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, enabling them to be watched wherever and whenever the viewer wishes. They can then be shared and discussed on various other social media platforms.

As well as reading pre-existing research on this topic, I will be conducting my own field work. In order to collect primary research on this topic, I hope to work with fellow YouTubers and Vloggers to discuss their first-hand experience with YouTube, it’s spatiality, and its connection with media, audiences, and places.

So there is my introduction to the Digital Research Project, and the next BCM240 adventure. I will be documenting my process throughout this task here on my blog, posting updates about my thoughts, ideas, research, and my progress, so, watch this space.


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