My Research Progress

Over the last week I have continued brainstorming and researching for my Digital Research Project. I have been keeping a notepad handy to jot down any bright ideas that spring to mind. I have also gone so far as to pull over whilst driving to make voice memos on my phone, whenever inspiration strikes.


I remain confident in my decision to focus this project on YouTube. So far I have enjoyed this aspect of the project; I believe I have come up with some great ideas and found some really useful resources.

What I want to research and demonstrate through this task is the evolution of sharing and viewing content. Content on YouTube can be filmed and watched virtually by anyone, from anywhere. YouTube is able to transcend physical spatial barriers. Videos can be shared instantaneously and can be discussed and commented upon in real time. Because of this, YouTube is variable; it is interactive; it is adaptable. YouTube is not just a medium for audiences to watch video content, it is a platform for communities to be formed.

For the sake of research, I have searched for, and watched, countless YouTube videos and scoured the Internet for relevant articles.

I have found articles online comparing traditional and new media. A sample includes:

I found a great article on the A.V. Club, YouTube stars create communities, not fans, discussing the impact of YouTube and its creators, and the communities it has enabled to form.

I have found also found countless videos supporting the points I wish to make in my own video for the presentation of my DRP. These include:

As well as conducting my own research, I have been in contact with another BCM240 student, Dan. Dan makes vlog-style videos for YouTube, on his channel, Danger Dan Vlogs. He has generously agreed to collaborate with me on my research project, so that we can share our ideas, discuss our thoughts and film together. Over the last few days I have come up with a few questions that I want to ask Dan when we meet to discuss face-to-face. The types of questions I have designed include:

  • How would you describe the YouTube space?
    • As a media form?
    • In terms of audience experience?
  • Why is it that some things are successful on YouTube but they wouldn’t be on other media platforms?
  • How do you believe YouTube’s audience experience differs to that of traditional media audiences?
  • What benefits do new media forms, such as YouTube, offer its audience?
  • Where do your video’s view come from? Where is your audience located?
  • What are your thoughts on the YouTube audience as a collective?
  • What are the advantages/ disadvantages of making YouTube content?
  • Why do you believe producers of traditional media, such as TV shows, are now making content specifically for YouTube?

I have also forwarded these to Dan, so he can have a read and start thinking. I have come up with these questions as prompts for our discussion, so that I can keep the discussion on track and collect some relevant information from Dan for my project.

Please stay tuned for the next update on my progress of my Digital Research Project.


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