Happiness Diary Entry #2

This week for my Gratitude Journal I decided that I would make entries more than once a week. In my previous post, I recounted how I sat down and reflected on the past week, and then wrote down all the things I was grateful for in my daily planner, which is what I am using as my gratitude journal. I noted in last week’s online diary entry that I wanted to take a slightly different approach by writing down things as they happen, so I don’t forget the little things by the end of the week. Admittedly, I didn’t quite stick to that plan, but rather sat down three times this week to write down the things I was grateful for, in my ‘gratitude journal’.


This week I wanted to sit and reflect often enough that I didn’t forget or neglect the little things, but not so often that I found the task to be a chore. After all, this is an activity that I want to be able to enjoy. I made three entries in the week, so I was only having to recall one or two days at a time. There is various literature on how many times to write in your gratitude journal and the various advantages and disadvantages of the different time periods, which I will go into further detail in later online diary entries and in my Reflective Journal.

This week, I was grateful for:


  • My mum for driving into the uni to pick me up when I was sick.
  • My team at work for sending me a gorgeous, bright box of ‘get well soon’ flowers, and their continuous support while I have been away sick.


  • All the well wishes from my friends, colleagues, and family while I have been unwell.
  • My boyfriend looking after me while I have been unwell. He has been a physical and mental support for me while I have been in pain. He has helped me do the simple tasks that I have been rendered incapable of doing on my own such as stand, walk, dress and undress, shower, drive and other daily activities.
  • The chance to spend Good Friday with my family at the beautiful Lake Tabourie.
    • That the rain cleared up, and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.
    • That my family is so close, so living, and so supportive of each other, and that we spent time together on a regular basis.


  • My boyfriend spending the night at my house, even though he much prefers to sleep in his own bed.
  • Grateful that my boyfriend drove me down the coast to be with my family on Good Friday.
  • Grateful for my boyfriend’s family spending Easter with us, and their continuous love, support, and generosity.
  • Grateful for the wood fired pizza we ae for dinner and the hard work that my boyfriend and his mum put in to the meal – chopping fire wood, lighting the fire, cooking the dough from scratch.

I had to consider before starting this task whether I was going to use my blog as my gratitude journal to make entries or make hand written entries. I have made another observation while sitting here on this Sunday night, writing my diary entry of this week’s experience. By keeping a hand-writing things gratitude journal in my planner, I have to retype what I have written in order to reflect on the experience here on my blog. This means I get to relive those happy memories and remember the extra details, even write down extra dot points, and be grateful for those things all over again.

I found that three entries during the week was a good number. It allowed me to sit and reflect throughout the week on the things that I was grateful for, which in turn, made me feel happy. I am still really enjoying this activity, and aim to make multiple entries again next week.

I should note that I am also considering sharing my blog with the people that I feature in my gratitude entries, such as my boyfriend, as I am so often grateful for him and the things that he does, so that they know how grateful I am. I will reflect more on this more in next week’s entry.




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