Happiness Diary Entry #3

I apologise for my delay on my third Happiness Diary entry. I usually post on a Sunday night so that I can reflect on the week that has past, but last night my boyfriend decided to take me out for dinner, and I thought that would be of better value to my overall wellbeing.

This week I continued writing my gratitudes more than once a week. Again, I wrote in my journal three times, and these were my entries.



  • I am grateful for my boyfriend, Alex, for cooking me dinner after I got home from uni. Even though it was a simple meal, it was a lovely gesture, as I was tired and sore.
  • I am grateful for my strawberry body wash, because it smells delicious, and makes getting up and getting ready for the day more enjoyable. I am also grateful for my friends, Sam and Lauren, who gave it to me for my birthday.
  • I am grateful for my colleagues who were caring and supportive during my first shift back at work.
  • I am grateful for the flowers Alex bought me, because I surpassed 100 subscribers n YouTube.


  • I am grateful for Alex buying me a coffee because I had no money on me. It was a small, but very generous and kind act.


  • I am grateful for the way Alex always gives me a kiss when he leaves for work and I am still asleep in bed.
  • I am grateful for my mum inviting me over for dinner, and for the family meal we had together with my grandparents.
  • I am grateful for Alex’s spontaneity in his decision to take me out for dinner.

I have continued to enjoy writing down my gratitudes on a frequent basis, however, until Wednesday, I did forget to actually write them down in my journal.

I also tried something new this week, and shared what I had written with Alex, because I am so often grateful for the things that he does. Since beginning this exercise I have tried to be more grateful for the people, things, and opportunities in my life, and have started to be more vocal about my gratitudes. I frequently tell Alex that I appreciate what he does for me but I wanted to share what I had taken the time to write down. This gave me a great deal of satisfaction and happiness, and have since considered giving the link to my blog to my friends and family who have appeared in my Gratitude Journal, so they too know how much I appreciate the things they do, however big or small.







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