Happiness Diary Entry #4

This past week (04/04 – 10/04) has been an extremely stressful and busy week at uni. I had a number of assignments due during the week and in the next couple of days. These circumstances made journaling more difficult than in the previous weeks. I still enjoyed sitting down and reflecting and writing the entries, however I felt that I dedicated less time to journaling and felt that I had less to write during this week, because I was in a stressed state of mind.


This week, I was grateful for:


  • I was grateful that I had the opportunity to sit outside at Panizzi cafe, in the beautiful, warm sun yesterday, during my break at uni.
  • I was grateful for the girl who posted in the UOW Buy and Sell page on Facebook that Priceline was having a 40% off their cosmetics.


  • I am grateful that I have a good, reliable group for the MARK333 group assessment. The cooperation of the girls in our group has helped to elevate a little bit of the stress that I have been experiencing.


  • I am grateful that the MARK333 exam is over with, and I feel that I did well.
  • I am grateful that Part A of the MARK333 assessment is submitted.



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