Happiness Diary Entry #5

This week was our final week of our Happiness Activities.


This week, I was grateful for:


  • I am grateful that we had nice weather, warm weather yesterday, and appreciated that it didn’t start raining until we were driving home, and that it had stopped before we had to get out of the car.
  • I am grateful that Alex stood in line and ordered my hot chocolate for me.
  • I am grateful that my Dad is up in Wollongong and that my sisters, Alex and I all got to share a nice family meal together.


  • I am so grateful that I was able to catch up with my friend Lucy, who I haven’t seen in months, as she lives five hours away. I am also grateful for the encouragement to reach out to Lucy and arrange to catch up, from the CST228 group assignment on Friendship.
  • I am grateful that I have finished a very stressful week at uni and feel that I have done well with all of the assignments I have had to submit.
  • I am grateful that today I was able to have a little bit of a sleep-in after an exhausting week.

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